Information for Speakers (Guest presentations and Free Papers) and Posters.

Speakers (Guest Presentations and Free Papers)

All presentations must be brought to the Speaker Service Centre at least 1 hour before the presentation time (or the day prior to when your presentation session is scheduled to begin). Qualified technicians will ensure that presentations are uploaded onto a single central software system and sent through a network to the correct room. A computer will be available in the upload room, ready to display your presentation (PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, PDF etc.).

No presentation can be uploaded in the session room directly. Using your own computer is NOT allowed.

Step by Step procedure 

1) At any time during the opening hours of the Speaker Service Centre, but at least 1 hour before your presentation (or the day prior to when your workshop is scheduled to begin), you must go to the Speaker Service Centre (located in the Parterre next to the Chamber Music Hall). A qualified technician will help you to upload your presentation to the system and enable you to edit and run through your presentation.

You should bring your presentation on a USB key. PowerPoint and Keynote are accepted formats. If you are an Apple Mac user there are a few tips that you may want to consider. You can find these below.

Note: Speaker Service Centre Opening Times

Day 1: 09:00 to 15:30

Day 2: 08:15 to 17:15

Day 3: 08:30 to 15:50

2) Once your presentation is uploaded, you will have the opportunity to check it. When you are ready, your presentation will be sent through a central network to the specific room for your session.

3)  In each room, there will be a technician to make sure that your presentation is ready, and help you if anything goes wrong. You will be able to start your presentation simply by going on to the stage. You will be able to change the slides yourself with a remote control.

Note: It will not be possible to upload a presentation on the computer in the session room. This is to prevent any corruption of files. It will also not be possible to link your own laptop to the projector.

4) At the end of the Conference, all presentations will be deleted from the central computer, ensuring that your presentation can not be used by anyone else without your formal approval. Aventix will NOT keep copies of presentations and make these available, unless we received specific approvals. 

Points to remember:

  • Give yourself plenty of time! Upload and check your computer presentation in the Speaker Service Centre at least 1 hour before your session.
  • It will not be possible to upload your presentation directly to a computer in the session room.
  • Do not attempt to connect your laptop directly to the projector.
  • Qualified technicians will be present in or near each room.
  • Always make sure to bring a hard copy of your presentation as backup. 

Technical Tips

PowerPoint presentations:

  • If you use non-standard PowerPoint or Windows fonts make sure you bring them along. You can also include them in your PowerPoint.

Files > options>Save> Include Fonts in the file

  • Do not use links to presentations or media files on your own computer.

Include your presentation and media files into one folder on your USB drive.

  • Use a minimal 24 point font size to make text easily legible.
  • Use high contrast colours between background and text.
  • Use 4:3 or 16:9 ratios (landscape format). 

Apple / MAC Users:

  • All versions of keynote will be accepted.
  • If using PPT on Mac: Certain Mac media formats are not accepted by PowerPoint, like image files in the *.tiff format or movie files in the *.mov format. Also media files encoded with QuickTime may not run. Please convert them to *.jpg format for pictures and a Microsoft supported *.mpg or *.AVI, WMV files for movie files. 


If you have additional media in your presentation like a short movie or sound fragments, include them in the PowerPoint file. If needed, the technician can help you with this. Make sure to give yourself adequate time to do this in the Speaker Service Centre. Longer movies should be submitted in .mov or .MP4 format. PC or laptops in the room are connected to sound systems to play sound when needed. 

Presentations can also be supplied in the following formats:

  • CD-R or DVD-R
  • USB storage device

Video playback can be supplied in the following formats (For guest presentations only):

  • DVD (PAL)
  • Digital computer files (e.g. .mov, .avi .wmv .flv etc)


Poster Presentations 

e-Posters offer an innovative approach to traditional posters and allow for significant time and cost savings for authors. e-Poster presenters should note the following information:


  • Posters should be submitted as PowerPoint presentations only. Other formats cannot be accepted. The text should be roughly equivalent to lecture slides.
  • Please DO NOT password-protect, encrypt or save your document as a PDF.
  • e-Posters should contain a maximum of six slides.
  • Do not include videos in your poster.
  • Do not use animation schemes within or for transitions between slides. Presentations will be converted and loaded to the venue computers in PDF format which will remove animations.
  • Presentations should be set up in landscape orientation with a screen ration of 16:9 (in PowerPoint 2007/2010, these details can be accessed via the ‘design’ menu- select the ‘page set up’ option).
  • It is recommended that font size should not be smaller than 14pt.


  • PowerPoint presentations must be received by the Secretariat by email () no later than Monday 1st June. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Save your file with a title that includes your poster number, title of the poster, your initials and surname.

Viewing and Presentation

  • All posters will be available to view at dedicated e-poster viewing stations in the Upper Floor Foyer.
  • Each poster will be available to view throughout the event, and are assigned a specific screen (1-3). You can view which screen your poster will be displayed on by visiting the programme online, please click here. Enter your surname into the search box on the right hand side of the page to access your details.

You are expected to register for the meeting for at least a day if your poster has been accepted.