BAPRAS Winter Scientific Meeting 2017

29 November - 1 December 2017
Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London


1:12:10 - 12:25 - Wednesday 29th November

Case report/point of technique: reconstruction of large triceps tendon defects using a fascia lata autograft

Ms Rachel Clancy [Presenter], Dr Robert Ravinski, Dr Anne O'Neill, Dr Peter Ferguson, Dr Jay Wunder [Senior]


2:12:25 - 12:40 - Wednesday 29th November

Hand burns surface area: a rule of thumb

Mr Dallan Dargan [Presenter], Mr Anirban Mandal, Professor Kayvan Shokrollahi [Senior]


3:12:40 - 12:55 - Wednesday 29th November

The management of locally advanced head and neck squamous and basal cell carcinomas

Dr Pantelis Diamantopoulos [Presenter], Dr Spiros Stavrianos [Senior], Dr Nikolaos Maltzaris, Dr Parthena Deskoulidi, Dr Maria Kotrotsiou


4:12:55 - 13:10 - Wednesday 29th November

Locally advanced head and neck squamous and basal cell carcinomas

Dr Pantelis Diamantopoulos [Presenter], Dr Parthena Deskoulidi, Dr Nikolaos Maltzaris, Dr Thaleia Nikolaidou, Dr Maria Kotrotsiou, Dr Konstantinos Benetatos, Dr Nektarios Koufopoulos, Dr Spiros Stavrianos [Senior]


5:13:10 - 13:25 - Wednesday 29th November

Comparison between laser doppler imaging and thermal imaging in paediatric burn injuries – a pilot evaluation

Mr Samuel George [Presenter], Miss Susie ZJ Yao, Miss Karen Marlow, Miss Carly Beard, Mr Kenneth Maddock, Miss Sian Falder [Senior]


6:13:25 - 13:40 - Wednesday 29th November

Lymphatic drainage patterns of primary cutaneous melanoma of the head and neck: can we offer more selective neck dissections?

Dr Adam Hague [Presenter], Mr Ralph Murphy, Mr Deemesh Oudit [Senior]


7:12:10 - 12:25 - Wednesday 29th November

Free vascularised peroneal nerve - a reconstructive option following resection of MPNST of the sciatic nerve

Miss Philippa Jackson [Presenter], Miss Grainne Bourke, Mr Ian Smith [Senior]


8:12:25 - 12:40 - Wednesday 29th November

Donor site morbidity following costochondral grafting for head and neck reconstruction: a systematic review

Mr Muhammad Umair Javed [Presenter], Miss Zita Jessop, Mr Thomas Jovic, Dr Ayesha Al Sabah, Professor Iain Whitaker [Senior]


9:12:40 - 12:55 - Wednesday 29th November

Autologous fat grafting as a soft-tissue filler for hemifacial atrophy: a retrospective review of 19 patients

Dr Faith HK Jeon [Presenter], Ms Jajini Varghese, Ms Michelle Griffin, Mr Hugo Henderson, Mr Simon Withey, Professor Peter Butler [Senior]


10:12:55 - 13:10 - Wednesday 29th November

Awareness of compartment syndrome amongst nurses at a level I trauma centre

Mr Ankur Khajuria [Presenter], Mr Luke Geoghegan, Mr Shehan Hettiaratchy [Senior]


11:13:10 - 13:25 - Wednesday 29th November

Head and neck sarcomas. A single institution's fifteen- year experience

Dr Nikolaos Maltzaris [Presenter], Dr Dimitrios Agorgiannis, Dr Konstantinos Benetatos, Dr Maria Kotrotsiou , Dr Spyriton Stavrianos [Senior]


12:13:30 - 13:45 - Thursday 30th November

The Versajet II™ hydrosurgical system and its effect on the microbiology of burn wounds

Miss Rebecca Mazel [Presenter], Mr Timothy Patrick Crowley, Mr Sanjay Varma [Senior]


13:12:10 - 12:25 - Wednesday 29th November

The role of the plastic surgeon in maxillary reconstruction - the Newcastle experience

Mr Liam McMorrow [Presenter], Mr Maniram Ragbir [Senior], Mr Timothy Patrick Crowley


14:12:25 - 12:40 - Wednesday 29th November

Burn injuries occurring on campsites and caravan parks in South Wales: a ten-year epidemiological study

Mr Mussa Mensa [Presenter], Miss Dharini Kulendren, Mr Peter Drew [Senior]


15:12:55 - 13:10 - Wednesday 29th November

Quantifying the survival advantage of early burn excision (EBE) in >40% TBSA burns; findings from a burns service with a favourable LA50

Miss Umarah Muhammad [Presenter], Professor Kayvan Shokrollahi [Senior]


16:12:40 - 13:55 - Wednesday 29th November

The evidence base behind the UK burn care standards: an evaluation

Miss Umarah Muhammad [Presenter], Professor Kayvan Shokrollahi, Mr Rowan Pritchard-Jones [Senior]


17:13:10 - 13:25 - Wednesday 29th November

Donor-site morbidity in 50 consecutive free fibula flaps for head and neck reconstruction

Dr Nargiz Seyidova [Presenter], Mr Tomas Tickunas, Mr Paul Roblin [Senior]


18:13:25 - 13:40 - Wednesday 29th November

Trends in lip, oral cavity, and pharynx cancer mortality in Europe, 1985-2013

Dr Patrick Tabet [Presenter], Dr Justin Salciccioli , Dr Dominic Marshall, Mr Joseph Shalloub [Senior]


19:12:10 - 12:25 - Wednesday 29th November

Galactorrhoea of the neck following pectoralis major reconstruction of a pharyngeal defect - a case report

Miss Kirsten Taylor [Presenter], Mr George Wheble, Mr Matthew Potter [Senior]


20:12:25 - 12:40 - Wednesday 29th November

Pregnancy made my nose grow! A rare case of nasal lobular capillary haemangioma

Ms Isabel Teo [Presenter], Mr Florian Bast [Senior]


21:12:40 - 12:55 - Wednesday 29th November

Cell-loaded Gellan-hydrogel carrier for topical spray delivery to enhance burn wound healing

Dr Britt ter Horst [Presenter], Dr Richard Williams, Dr Gurpreet Chouhan, Professor Liam Grover, Professor Naiem Moiemen [Senior]


22:12:55 - 13:10 - Wednesday 29th November

A histological and clinical study of Matriderm® burn scar reconstruction 

Dr Britt ter Horst [Presenter], Dr Kwang Chear Lee, Dr Christopher Wearn, Ms Amy Bamford, Dr Advaith Gummaraju, Dr Khaled Al-Tarrah, Dr Elizabeth Curtis, Dr Rahul Hejmadi , Professor Naiem Moiemen [Senior]


23:13:10 - 13:25 - Wednesday 29th November

Measuring coagulation in burns: an evidence-based systematic review

Mr Martin Van [Presenter], Mr Nicholas Marsden, Mr Samera Dean, Mr Ernest Azzopardi, Miss Sarah Hemington-Gorse, Professor Phillip Evans, Professor Iain Whitaker [Senior]


24:13:25 - 13:40 - Wednesday 29th November

The surgical management of skull base tumors-A 15 year single institution experience

Dr Parthena Deskoulidi [Presenter], Dr Pantelis Diamantopoulos, Dr Nikolaos Maltzaris, Dr Dimitris Agorgiannis, Dr Konstantinos Benetatos, Dr Maria Kotrotsiou, Dr Spiros Stavrianos [Senior]


26:12:45 - 13:00 - Thursday 30th November

Early microsurgical training amongst trainees: a randomised educational trial of different surgical modalities

Dr Yasser Al Omran [Presenter], Professor Simon Myers [Senior], Mr Ali Ghanem, Mr Milosz Kostusiak, Dr Vincent Quan


27:13:00 - 13:15 - Thursday 30th November

Does physical activity effect microsurgical performance? A retrospective cohort study

Dr Yasser Al Omran [Presenter], Mr Milosz Kostusiak, Mr Ali Ghanem, Professor Simon Myers [Senior]


28:13:15 - 13:30 - Thursday 30th November

Complication rates in flap reconstruction after pelvic exenteration in the United States between 2009 and 2014

Mr Patrick Bletsis [Presenter], Dr Alexandra Bucknor, Mr Austin Chen, Mr Anmol Chattha, Dr Sabine Egeler, Professor Samuel Lin [Senior]


29:13:30 - 13:45 - Thursday 30th November

A protocol for the management and reconstruction of pilonidal sinus disease

Mr Christopher Deutsch [Presenter], Miss Rosemary Chukwulobelu, Mr Raj Ragoowansi [Senior]


30:12:30 - 12:45 - Thursday 30th November

Unnecessary cancellations due to hypertension - comparing new guidelines to current practice

Miss Kathryn Dickson [Presenter], Dr Howard Chu, Mr Ayad Harb, Mr Amir Ismail [Senior]


31:12:45 - 13:00 - Thursday 30th November

Microbiological and functional outcomes after open extremity fractures sustained overseas: the experience of a Level I trauma centre

Mr Luke Geoghegan [Presenter], Mr Ben Ardehali, Mr Ankur Khajuria, Mr Dimitris Reissis, Mr Graham Lawton, Professor Abhilash Jain , Mr Jonathan Simmons, Dr Hugo Donaldson, Mr Shehan Hettiaratchy [Senior]


32:13:00 - 13:15 - Thursday 30th November

The value to a Google search for patient information on skin cancer

Mr Weiguang Ho [Presenter], Mr Christopher David Jones, Mr Hilal Bahia [Senior]


33:13:15 - 13:30 - Thursday 30th November

Follow-up requirements after excision of low-risk squamous cell carcinomas

Mr Nihull Jakharia-Shah [Presenter], Dr Priyanka Chadha, Mrs Jenny Geh [Senior]


34:13:30 - 13:45 - Thursday 30th November

Consultant and advanced nurse practitioner sarcoma diagnosis communication- 1 year patient satisfaction outcomes

Mr Martin Van [Presenter], Miss Johanne Vass, Mr Thomas Bragg [Senior]


35:12:30 - 12:45 - Thursday 30th November

Are plastic core trainees getting to clinic and theatre? Assessing compliance against JCST Quality Indicators for core surgical training in Plastic Surgery

Miss Rong Khaw [Presenter], Mr Nadeem Khwaja [Senior]


36:12:45 - 13:00 - Thursday 30th November

Standardising outpatient follow up for patients undergoing carpal tunnel decompression

Mr Kevin McGarry [Presenter], Miss Lucy Hawkins, Mr Michael McBride, Mr Kevin Herbert [Senior]


37:13:00 - 13:15 - Thursday 30th November

Regional audit of microvascular free tissue transfer: the Welsh experience

Mr Mussa Mensa [Presenter], Mr Jonathan Cubitt, Mr Thomas Jovic, Mr Amar Ghattaura [Senior]


38:13:15 - 13:30 - Thursday 30th November

Microsurgical lymphovenous anastomosis in scrotal lymphedema case report and literature review

Miss Rossel Morhij [Presenter], Mr Henk Giele [Senior]


39:12:30 - 12:45 - Thursday 30th November

Reconstruction of the tragus using a pedicled chondro-cutaneous superficial temporal artery perforator flap: a first reported case

Mr Adam Hague [Presenter], Mr Ralph N A Murphy, Mr Kantappa Gajanan, Mr Deemesh Oudit [Senior]


40:12:45 - 13:00 - Thursday 30th November

Should we encourage our patients to “Google it”? A qualitative assessment of online information relating to skin cancer

Dr Ryan Sugrue [Presenter], Mr Frank Reilly, Mr Sean O'Sullivan, Mr Eoin O'Broin, Mr Jason Kelly, Mr Michael O'Shaughnessy, Mr Jim Clover [Senior]


41:13:00 - 13:15 - Thursday 30th November

How do British students study Plastic Surgery compared to an international population?

Dr Ryan Sugrue [Presenter], Mr Conor Sugrue, Mr Kenny Joyce, Mr Alan Hussey, Prof Jack Kelly, Mr Padriag Regan [Senior]


42:12:30 - 12:45 - Friday 1st December

Outcomes of the management of patients with Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Syndrome

Miss Herjyot Dharni [Presenter], Mr Simardeep Sadhra [Presenter], Miss Elizabeth Chipp [Senior]


43:12:30 - 12:45 - Friday 1st December

Platelet dysfunction in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome patients undergoing speech surgery: developing a consensus on preoperative investigations and management

Dr Yasser Al Omran [Presenter], Dr Mary Mathias, Mr Guy Thorburn [Senior]


44:12:45 - 13:00 - Friday 1st December

A comparison of complications rates after autologous and alloplastic breast reconstruction techniques in patients undergoing therapeutic and prophylactic mastectomies

Dr Patrick Bletsis [Presenter], Dr Alexandra Bucknor, Mr Austin Chen, Mr Anmol Chattha, Miss Renata Flecha-Hirsch, Professor Bernard Lee, Professor Samuel Lin [Senior]


46:13:00 - 13:15 - Friday 1st December

Transfusion rates and the need for routine group-and-save in patients undergoing free deep inferior epigastric perforator flap breast reconstruction

Ms Rachel Chetwynd-Stapylton [Presenter], Mr William Holmes, Mr Liam Vermaark, Mr Sherif Wilson [Senior]


47:13:15 - 13:30 - Friday 1st December

A simple way of estimating implant size using pre-operative mammograms

Dr Howard Chu [Presenter], Mr Mihir Chandarana, Mr Sekhar Marla, Mr Sankaran Narayanan, Mr Soni Soumian [Senior]


48:13:15 - 13:30 - Thursday 30th November

Patient satisfaction with hot clinics for hand trauma

Miss Herjyot Dharni [Presenter], Miss Ramkali Kaur, Miss Beth Healey, Mr Timothy Halsey [Senior]


49:12:45 - 13:00 - Friday 1st December

Regional trends in the reconstruction of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer defects

Dr Sabine Egeler [Presenter], Dr Alexandra Bucknor, Mr Austin Chen, Mr Anmol Chattha, Dr Samuel Lin [Senior]


50:13:00 - 13:15 - Friday 1st December

A review of forehead lipomas: important tips for the training surgeon

Dr Adam Hague [Presenter], Mr Ralph Murphy, Mr Jeyaram Srinivasan [Senior]


51:13:30 - 13:45 - Thursday 30th November

Open versus endoscopic repair in the management of unicoronal craniosynostosis: twenty-four month cost and outcome analysis

Mr Bejaan Jivraj [Presenter], Mr Juling Ong [Senior], Dr Justin Wormald


52:13:15 - 13:30 - Friday 1st December

The baseline neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio predicts recurrence of cutaneous melanoma: a multicentre cohort study

Miss Michelle Chin I Lo [Presenter], Miss Alyss V Robinson, Dr Claire Keeble, Mr Howard Peach, Dr Maria Marples, Mr Donald J Dewar, Professor Marc D S Moncreiff, Mr Ryckie G Wade [Senior]


53:12:30 - 12:45 - Friday 1st December

Risk stratification and appropriate prescribing of tetanus vaccine following injury – a plastic trauma clinic perspective

Mr Tom Paterson [Presenter], Mr Hywel Room, Miss Kerry Edwards, Mr Andrew Flatt, Mr Charles Durrant [Senior]


54:12:45 - 13:00 - Friday 1st December

Reduced TGF-β signalling independently predicts increased tumour depth in human cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

Mr Aidan Rose [Presenter], Mr Christopher Stephen, Dr Alastair Mitchell, Dr William Rickaby, Dr Susan Bray, Dr Alan Evans, Professor Charlotte Proby, Professor Irene Leigh, Dr Philip Coates, Dr Gareth Inman [Senior]


55:13:00 - 13:15 - Friday 1st December

Are all nail bed biopsy referrals for suspected malignant melanoma justified?

Miss Natalie Tao [Presenter], Miss Barbara Jemec [Senior], Miss Suzanne Murphy, Miss Katie Young


56:13:15 - 13:30 - Friday 1st December

The neutrophil-lymphocyte and platelet-lymphocyte ratios as biomarkers for surveillance in cutaneous melanoma

Mr Ryckie G Wade [Senior], Miss Alyss V Robinson [Presenter], Dr Claire Keeble, Mr Howard Peach, Dr Maria Marples, Mr Donald J Dewar


58:12:45 - 13:00 - Friday 1st December

Uptake of breast reconstruction in the South Asian population of a large inner city breast and plastic surgery unit

Miss Stephanie Young [Presenter], Mr Elliott Cochrane, Mr Ali Akhtar, Miss Chloe Wright, Miss Catherine Tait, Mr Nicholas Rhodes, Mr Andrew Williams [Senior]


59:13:00 - 13:15 - Friday 1st December

Human bite post-exposure management in a tertiary Plastic Surgery unit: closing the audit loop

Mr Mussa Mensa [Presenter], Mr Ernest Azzopardi, Miss Sarah Hemington-Gorse [Senior]